What is CRNA Locum, LLC?

CRNA Locum, LLC is a recruitment agency specifically for CRNAs.  Locum tenens is a Latin phrase meaning “to hold ones place,” so locum tenens CRNAs fill in when other CRNAs are on leave, vacation or in high demand. We build relationships with facilities and CRNAs, which helps us provide the best applicants quickly so our clients are able to  staff their anesthesia needs. 


What are the benefits for a CRNA working as your own independent contractor?

There are many benefits that can be gained working as a Locums Tenens. One of the major benefits is a higher rate of pay due to the 1099 tax status of a Locum Tenens, which do not typically recieve benefits from the employer thus allowing for a bigger income.  Locum Tenens are independent contractors, who are paid on a self-employment basis, therefore qualifying them for certain tax deductions and itemization's, that can be discussed with a CPA. 


Why do facilities use locum tenens providers?

Facilities use temporary workers for a variety of reasons.  These include: when a CRNA is on FMLA, maternity/paternity leave, facility is waiting for a new hire to start, vacation coverage, military leave, and staffing shortages. 


As a facility, why should I choose CRNA Locum?

CRNA Locum specifically recruits and focuses on CRNAs.  As well as offering lower margins than our competitors, we value and trust each CRNA that will be presented to you.  This ensures you are going to receive excellent care your facility is looking for.  Locum agencies charge on average 15-40% above what they pay their contractor, which is very costly to facilities.  CRNA Locum allows facilities to fill their needs for less than half the cost of a locum agency.  


Will I have any employee benefits working as a locum tenens?

No, as a locum/independent contractor all benefits will be attained by the CRNA. The CRNA will be responsible for any taxes associated with his/her income including self employment, state, and federal taxes.  Although, majority of facilities will pay you as an independent contractor, it is up to the facilities digression on whether they classify you and an independent contractor or as a W-2 employee. 


Do I need my own malpractice?

Yes, malpractice in the form of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate coverage is necessary to provide anesthesia services.  The American Association for Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) has great and affordable malpractice insurance coverage.  Quotes and questions can be answered at insuranceinfo@aana.com or call (800) 343-1368.  


Will I be reimbursed for travel, housing, or meals?

Travel, housing, and meal stipends can be negotiated with the facility.  


What are the lengths of the assignments?

There are a variety of assignment lengths.  Assignments can range from daily, weekly, 30-90 day assignments, and even permanent placement.  Even if you work full time at a facility, you can still enjoy the perks of contract work that will fit your schedule.


How do I get paid and how often?

CRNA's will be paid directly from the facility, each facilities payroll schedule will differ. 


Will I get orientation on assignment?

Orientation will be provided when starting a new assignment if applicable.  Along with orientation, you will be given proper identification per the facility as well as parking information. 


What will I need to send in to be credentialed for a contract assignment?

This is a list of documents needed for credentialing.  The app CamScan as well as others are great for this.  You can take pictures on your phone and save them as PDF documents onto your phone and send them through email.  


o   Copy of State professional licenses (RN and CRNA)

o   NBCRNA board certificate card

o   Copy of Social Security card

o   Copy of updated CV 

o   Copy of Driver’s License

o   Current ACLS, BLS and PALS if applicable 

o   Date of Birth, and place of birth (Location, City, State, Country)

o   Diplomas (BSN, Masters, DNP)

o   Shot record (Hep B, PPD, flu shot if season, annual TB/PPD screen, measles, mumps, and rubella)

o   Malpractice insurance 

o   Statements or claims report/actions taken against your license

o   Approved privileges from current hospital if applicable

o   References (name, email, phone number) or reference letters


How can I sign up?

You will find links on our homepage for facilities and CRNA's.  CRNA's just need to fill out the quick questionnaire.  This will ensure you hear about any and all available assignments quickly through email, phone call, or text.  So, be the first to know and sign up today.  Facilities can do the same from the homepage, fill out a quick questionnaire and we will get back to you in less than one business day.  There is no charge for CRNA Locum to search for a CRNA to fill your vacancy, so don’t hesitate to let us find CRNAs for your facility today.