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CRNA Locum specifically recruits and focuses on CRNAs.  As well as offering lower margins than our competitors, we value and trust each CRNA that will be presented to you.  This ensures you will receive the quality anesthesia care your facility requires. 

No matter if the need is daily, weekly, short term, or permanently, we will find a CRNA to fill your need.

There is no charge to search for CRNAs or to provide the facility with a list of candidates.   Do not hesitate, let us begin the search to fill your current vacancies today!   

In-House Verification


CRNA Locum offers complete verifications on all our CRNAs. By verifying our CRNAs, we facilitate the placement process, so your facility receives a CRNA quickly to fill your staffing needs.


Personalized Service

Having experience and knowledge in the profession of anesthesia we will work with your facility one-on-one to gather the most information about your practice, facility culture, and your preference of an ideal candidate. This allows us to place the best CRNA for your open position.

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