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Michael Marsh, CRNA is a graduate of Arkansas State University with a Master of Science in Nursing.  Michael works full time as a CRNA at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, as well as being a locum CRNA on the side.  Michael & his wife, Kayla Marsh, have two beautiful daughters.  Michael enjoys the lake, hunting, and spending time with family. 


Michael noticed that many of his CRNA colleagues were looking for available job opportunities and wanted to connect them to facilities in need of anesthesia coverage, which led him to start CRNA Locum Jobs.

Garrett Withers, Chief Recruitment Officer 

Garrett Withers, CRNA joined CRNA Locum Jobs in early 2020.  He received his B.S. in Nursing from William Jewell College in 2009 before gaining extensive experience in pediatric critical care at Children's Mercy Hospital.  In 2016, he completed his anesthesia training in Wichita, Kansas at Newman University.  Since graduation, he has worked in the Kansas City area providing anesthesia for all types of patients and cases.


His most recent clinical endeavor has been contracting at an ASC where he serves as Chief CRNA. His clinical interests include: cardiac anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, regional anesthesia, and opioid-free anesthesia. Aside from his clinical work, Garrett and his wife, Julie, have three young boys. They enjoy traveling and being outside together as a family.


Garrett looks forward to helping his peers find rewarding, respected positions and hopes to provide a personal touch with clients that is often missed with large agencies.

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Our Story

As there becomes a greater shortage of anesthesia providers, and the future outlook of the CRNA profession is on the rise, my team and I began to consider the idea of starting a search firm that is specific to CRNAs. Being a CRNA's, we have seen numerous facilities with a need for CRNAs. 


We have also seen CRNAs interested in expanding their practice by working extra hours at different facilities as thier own independent contractor.  Having a CRNA-specific search firm allows facilities to quickly get excellent care that CRNAs provide, while giving CRNAs the opportunity to expand their skill set, work at different places, and provide financial gain. 


Being a smaller recruitment agency and CRNA-specific, we will provide a more personal and profitable experience for CRNAs, while providing excellent providers to facilities at a lower cost and having a stronger relationship than large staffing and locum agencies. 

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